How to Apply Your Skin

Step 1.) Clean your phone

Use a microfiber cloth to prepare surface for skin application. Applying the skin without cleaning may allow bumps to form from dust particles trapped between your phone and the wrap.

Step 2.) Prepare the phone skin

Fold the top 1/3 of the skin backing down to expose the adhesive. Be careful not to touch this part of the skin.

Step 3.) Apply the skin to the phone

Line the the skin to the back of the phone, making sure the camera cutout is even with the phones camera. Once you are happy with the fit, peel off the rest of the backing. Evenly rub the skin over the back of the phone, making sure there are no bubbles.

Step 4.) Activate the adhesive

Using a hairdryer, heat up the skins' edges for 10 seconds. Once the heat has been applied, use your fingers to firmly apply pressure to the edges. Repeat until all sides and edges are stuck down onto the phone.